Thursday, March 15, 2007

1 Brief, Shining Moment, that was known as Camel Lot!

So Richard and I went out to do a little shopping and then we went to the beach to do a little camel riding. The camel owner saw "tourist" and charged us about $60 for the ride.

This is the good shot. When the camel was still rising, at one point, the soles of my shoes were pointed at the sky. I was extremely unnerved, but the rig stayed in place, so all was well.

So now we're all the way up and I can see a lot! However, riding a camel is NOT comfortable. Even when the beast is plodding along it is like riding in a car with no shocks on a road full of potholes.

Wow - this is fun! Not comfortable - but fun!

Well, I managed to get off the camel gracefully. A bit windy, so my abaya was blowing all over, but no one noticed or said anything.

This is the horse that was with the camel. I'm not sure why the owners do it, but every camel on the beach is with a horse. The owners sometimes have saddles on the horses so people can ride them, too. Richard rode the horse, but I didn't get any pictures because he had the camera.

In the Philippines, we called this cart a Calesa. I'm not sure what its called here in Saudi Arabia. They are all over the beach and kids take rides on them.

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