Monday, March 12, 2007

More fun stuff

Out and about Richard and I try to check things out that are different. We have a lot of fun experiencing things. Some things are a lot of fun...other things are distressing.

This is me withthe baby camel named Waatha. Waatha was a lovely young lass in ancient Bedouin literature. The camel Waatha was friendly and enjoyed kissing and any treats we handed out.

Women who prefer to remain veiled in public need places to eat in private. Most restaurants have a Ladies Only or Family Section for these women to eat alone, or only with their families. In these sections there are often booths with curtains so that a woman may eat in privacy.

The singles section is for MEN ONLY. Richard and I accidentally went through that door to order and we were kindly directed to the Family Section. It beats getting kicked out of Dunkin Donuts my second day here. Yes, they didnt' have a Ladies or Family Section to eat in so I was gravely informed that I was not allowed to eat there. They also wouldn't take my order because I simply approached the counter and didn't realize I was supposed to order behind a screen to the left that was set aside for women! Richard ended up ordering my glazed donut and then our group went off to eat at the Corniche (the beach).

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