Saturday, March 17, 2007


It seems surreal today. For one thing, we've been having a mild sand storm. Visibility is a little hazy, and there's a fine layer of dust all over the house. Naturally, I dusted yesterday.

My bags are packed. Richard and I went out and bought a suitcase so I could return with the things we bought since I arrived. Four rugs. Some souvenirs. More clothes (My luggage was lost for over a month - I had to have something to wear). I shall be WAY over my weight limit but apparently if you pay extra, the airlines will take it anyway.

I am leaving here in less than a week. There's a condition upon which I may return, but we are waiting for a final decision before we decide if I shall.

One thing that I really liked about being here (besides being with Richard!)...I have made a LOT of progress on my book. When this book is done, it will be the 16th book I've completed. Amazing. Umm...10 of those books are unpubbed. Maybe someday. Or maybe not. My problem is that I never send them out. Note to self: start sending books out to publishers.

Did you know that Nutella doesn't get all soft and gooey if you zap it in the microwave? It kind of carmelizes. Oh well, it tasted good with my apple, anyway.

Okay, enough procrastination. Gotta go write.

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