Monday, March 12, 2007


So we went to the Corniche in Dammam to check out the local sights.

Richard took this incredible series of shots from a great distance with his digital camera. We were so far away we thought the birds were PELICANS. Only when we got home and downloaded, zoomed and cropped did we discover he took some lovely shots of FLAMINGOS in a mating dance.

"Kiss me, you fool!"

"I would be delighted, my dear!"

Wanna neck, too?"

"Neck? What? You have no romance in your soul!"

"Stop following me, you cad!"


And then we went down the road...

I guess because of his 21 years in the Navy, Richard has a fascination with boats. Yet another set of antique boats off the Corniche.

This is on the highway linking Bahrain and Saudi Arabia...there's one on the other side, too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Merry!

Love your blog! It looks like you're having a great adventure. Is this the first time youve been to Saudi Arabia?

I love you and hope that one day we can meet again...SOON!

Kristen West said...

Ooppppsssss...That message is from me, Kristen..LOL