Monday, March 12, 2007

Having fun...

Right after I arrived, we were invited to the home of a friend of Richard's. The gentleman had set up a traditional Bedouin tent for our after lunch enjoyment. We had a traditional lunch sitting on the floor and sharing the meal, then went outside for a tour of the date farm. Then we spent the afternoon and evening in the tent, with tea, chocolate, bahklava treats and dates.

Yes. This is Richard, my mysterious husband who takes all these photos of me and whom no one EVER sees. Isn't he cute?

Me, playing with the hookah. No, I didn't smoke it although everyone else tried a puff or two. Here the hookah is called a bubbly and many women get together in the privacy of their homes for a little bubbly.

As we drove out of our compound, there in the field next to the Holiday Inn was a herd of sheep and the shepherd! When we got home to download the photos and zoomed in to see the lambs, we discovered the sheep...were goats. LOL

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