Thursday, March 15, 2007

Around the compound...

Richard and I live in an apartment in a compound. In fact, nearly everyone lives in a compound. Single family homes are always surrounded by high walls and gates. Apartment complexes are also surrounded by high walls and gates. Usually within the compounds women are allowed to dress as they please and can go about without the abaya.

Looking down the road towards our apartment. In front of the small black sedan is our doorway. In front of the car parked furthest away is our little prayer room. It is not considered a mosque unless it has the spires.

This is the doorway going to our second floor apartment. That's Fred, my cup, in my hand. Because I dehydrate easily, I have carried Fred for about 25 years. The cup is not the original Fred. Every couple years, I have to replace him because he gets cracked, his straw breaks or his diaper (the cool-wrap)wears out. The nice thing about this Fred is that wine-bottle bags fit over him. I dressed Fred up for Christmas in a sparkly gold and green velvet bag, much to the dismay of my family and friends. Hey, it beats gambling and boozing.

Behind our compound is an empty lot. To build up soil crews often use lots as landfills, then cover it over when they are ready to build. This lot is home to a pack of wild dogs. When I first got here, these dogs were roly-poly puppies. They have grown quite a bit in 3 months.

We live within walking distance of the Holiday Inn and often go over there for brunch and dinner.

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