Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Echo, the furball...

I wanted to bathe the dogs before Richard comes home so I could get their insect repellent on and because they did need a bath! Yesterday, I brushed Flint for an hour and he was much easier to bathe. Today I brushed Echo...oh, boy. That poor dog. Her undercoat was so matted and dirty!

Here's a photo of her hairball. I brushed her outside and this was only the fur I managed to catch...the wind took a lot away.

Once I got them bathed, Flint ran around for a bit and mostly dried. I rubbed Echo down outside and she appeared to be fairly dry. So I let her back in and she hopped on the couch. I went to clean the bathroom up, turned around and she was on my bed...right on the pillows and laying across. The whole top of the bed is now wet...sigh. I'll probably sleep on the couch tonight!

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