Monday, May 21, 2007

Moving along...

We've had a few busy days.

We drove out of town to an RV place to find a part for the broken toilet. We passed through Springfield and Richard got to browse the Bass Pro Shop for a while. At the RV place we found several spiffy RV things besides the new part. I got a shelf for the bathroom, an awning tiedown strap and a possible buyer for the Airstream if we choose to sell it at the end of our temporary lodging phase!

We did some garage sales over the weekend. Richard bought a little toolchest filled with chisels and a down jacket for winter - all for $10. Mom got some lovely hand-crocheted antique linens. Real linen with butterflies crocheted into the design. She wants me to sew/insert them into a tablecloth later.

While we were out and about we came across a house that we loved. The whole thing was done with a Texas theme, but the Western components were also there. Richard asked the owner if we could take pictures and she was very pleased that we loved her place. We won't copy everything exactly, but we certainly both agreed (finally!)on something we could live with!

The simple peaked roof with an angle change for the porch is one thing we've debated. The wooden porch is another thing. I wanted a tiled front porch but because of the 4 foot foundation we'd have to spend quite a bit of money building UP the soil to match the foundation edge. The wooden porch is a compromise.

I will not do as much with the barrels, barbed wire and cactus garden theme. My plan is large and small terra cotta pots, trailing flowers and delineated walkways with more grass. I have a terra cotta jug/bowl fountain for the yard and plan a pitcher pump and large terra cotta bowl for the driveway roundabout.

I really wanted a Southwestern look to the house (Stucco/arches/tiled patio), but I can live with a Western look, too. I was raised in the West and really love that aspect of ambiance that seems to permeate homes there. I have plans for a backyard tiled area to do my Southwestern look there. I'm sure it will blend well.

In other news, the air conditioner is fixed! Yippee! We only had to pay labor and parts, it was repairable, thank heavens! Two capacitors gave up to ghost and the Carrier AC man was able to replace them easily. We were certain we'd have to buy a new unit but that didn't happen. Richard is up on the roof replacing the AC shroud and he will rivet it back in place. The dogs seem to think we're being attacked with all the noise on the roof!

Yesterday we put the screen house up next to the Airstream. I moved the couch, the mushroom chair and the table/chairs in and now it looks very inviting. I spent most of the day in the screen house reading a book. Note the AbLounge in front of the 'Stream. I got it at a yard sale for $25 and maybe I'll even use it some day! LOL

The reading room was very comfy and gentle breezes flowed all day. I even stayed out there in the evening talking on the phone with Jennifer. I hung the Coleman lantern in the corner. It has a remote control to turn it on and off!

We also went to Lowe's yesterday to price doors and windows. We'll be starting the house soon and will be buying those components ourselves. A lot of choices! I looked at kitchen and bathroom stuff, too. Seems there's something for every taste. I'm leaning towards a simpler, Western design for cupboards and drawer handles. I really want Richard to build the cupboards rather than buying, that way I can completely personalize my kitchen and bathroom. We shall see.

Another fun thing was camera work. I took this picture Friday night - its not as clear as I'd like it to be, but I'm learning camera stuff and hope to get better.

Richard's camera has a night scenery setting but he needs a tripod to keep it from moving. We tried to get it with his camera but couldn't get the angle right. Maybe next time.

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