Tuesday, May 09, 2017

1rst Week Of May...

We've been taking our daily walk with the dogs, stopping in to visit with Mom and Pa and taking pictures of the scenery and the wildlife. We're working on a number of things in preparation for the visit from family this summer, doing some building, and also planning some surprises for various people! :) There's always a birthday or anniversary to celebrate.

A few years ago, Pa planted a whole bunch of light purple irises along their driveway. With cross-pollination of our local bees, some of the irises have changed colors as the years go on. In this picture there are three colors - dark purple, bi-color, and a golden iris. None of these irises are the original light purple that Pa planted!

The golden iris.  You can see streaks of purple through the petals.

The bi-color iris. 

 The dark purple iris.

The valley we walk through on our way to the bridge has a hay meadow for the neighboring farmer's cows. We've seen lots of critters in the field, skunks, possums, and rabbits, mostly. Occasionally, we are surprised to see low lying fog as we go by, and when we turn around to come home, the fog has burned off  already!

Buddy enjoys the sunlight at the bridge.

Sammy snags a snuggle from Richard at the bridge.

A gathering of daisies in the ditch.

The Missouri primroses are blooming in the rocks and poor soil.

A monarch landed in our yard!

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