Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Deer Appear...

I'm testing a new camera today so the pictures aren't as clear as usual while I get used to using the zoom lens. Sammy and Buddy wouldn't hardly be still enough for me to get good shots! As we walked back from the bridge today, a herd of deer appeared in Sammy's yard. The does have been scarce lately, they've been having their babies and laying low. I got one good photo. I also got plenty of photos of the birds at the feeders at Mom's and Pa's back porch.

Sammy and Buddy share a moment at the bridge.

As we turned up the road to Sammy's house, the deer wandered across her yard.

The turkeys are back.

The cardinal took over the South Pole feeder while a turkey wandered across the meadow. 

This little hummer fluttered so fast, the camera couldn't capture her wings!

This little guy is the male of the species - a ruby-throated hummingbird.

The red-wing blackbird was shaking his feathers, I had the camera propped on the rail.

This is a woodpecker...I think it's a hairy woodpecker? Or pileated. I get them confused.

The wild daisies growing by Mom's and Pa's driveway.

A couple deer wandered right across our front lawn and I was able to snap a couple quick pictures.

A closer photo of the second deer. Not sure if that's a shadow of the trees on her belly or if she's losing her winter coat.

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