Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Sammy Takes A Walk...

Richard and I have had an exciting couple weeks.  We were invited to two revivals (and went to both). We've been working inside and out, Richard mowing and cleaning out ditches, me cleaning, writing and even a little sewing.

In the course of talking  with one of our neighbors she mentioned her German Shepherd was jealous of our walks to the bridge with Buddy, so of course, I said I'd be more than happy to walk Sammy with us! Today was the first day Sammy got to walk with us, since we've had rain all week!

Spring is definitely springing, we've had some wild visitors and the green things are growing. 

Vanessa Atalanta dropped by. We've had painted ladies, checkerspots, duskywings, swallowtails, a few I don't know the names of, and even a Monarch. However, Vanessa is the only one who stayed still long enough for me to grab a camera. 

A blue jay hides in the pines.


There's a woodpecker nest to the left of the bird.


The irises bloomed.

My peach tree has fruit! We had covered it for the unexpected frost but were afraid we'd lost the blossoms anyway.  Apparently not! Now, if I can only harvest before the deer get the ripe peaches!

 The potato be Richard planted in mid-February, we weren't sure they'd made it through the surprise frost a couple weeks later. They did, and we have very healthy plants growing!


Fog drifting in the valley as we walked to the bridge a few days ago.


Sammy gives Buddy a kiss at the bridge. She enjoyed the walk very much and we'll be walking her with us a lot more often. 

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