Monday, April 23, 2007

Busy Day!

Well Dang.

Yesterday the wind picked up and we were supposed to get rain. After being spooked all morning by the awning flapping in the breeze, I decided to give the dogs a break from their nervousness and take it down. I got it halfway down and had to get get Pa to help me bring the rest down. Then I climbed on top of the 'Stream and put the garbage bag over the AC, since it still leaks.

The wind stopped and the cloudy skies cleared. Sigh. I'll probably need to get up there and take the bag off today.

Mom and Pa were talking yesterday of turning on their AC as it was getting a mite warm. I told them that at 80 degrees inside their house they were amateurs. The 'Stream can top 98 degrees real quick! Fortunately the AC is pretty efficient.

I made curtains for Mom's kitchen and sprinkled fertilizer in my new grass in the driveway circle.

Then I zipped down to Mom's and made 48 dog food meals.

The vet looked at Flint and told me half his dysplasia problem is his weight - he's nearly double his real size. He's only getting a cup of food a day...but he NEVER wants to exercise like Echo, so vet said walk more and feed less. The dog food recipe was also modified in the vets orders - double the rice and vegetables and less meat. Otherwise, both dogs are quite healthy and have all their shots!

Flint was exhausted last night, between nerves and constantly walking to Mom's and back all day!

I made Mom's curtains lengthwise when I should've hemmed width. Back to the sewing machine to do it right, then back up to her house tp hang them up again. Flint was slow but he ambled along while Echo bounced a rabbit in the woods and chased it past Pa who was out on the back part of their acreage mowing. She is sleek and trim from all her running. We'll get Flint running yet!

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