Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm gonna soak up the sun....

And while I work at spring cleaning and generally rearranging the 'Stream, the dogs take a break in the sunshine.

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Lyn Cash said...

Oh, Merry, just read the entire blog pieces I'd missed since the 1st and had to wipe the tears a few times - laughing - enjoying the pets & family pieces, crying over the yellow journalism, shock value news we get, conditions of the soldiers, elderly, and victims after this most recent fiasco.

Flint & Echo take might pretty Easter photos, girlfriend. *GRIN* Gotta show that one to The Kids.

Germany haunts me for some reason, like I've been there (and I haven't, at least not in this lifetime) - loved the photos. Quite a difference between the span of a few days.

It's great to have you home! Maybe Lex will take pity on me and let me search the blogs while we're in Houston. One can hope. *G*

Thanks for sharing, as always.