Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Maybe its just me...

I had to call the IRS today to confirm some 1099-ES payments.

I was placed on hold.

I find it coincidentally ironic that the IRS's hold music is THE NUTCRACKER SUITE.

Either someone had a sense of humor...or a sense of power.

Although they could've just liked the music. But I'm not placing any bets on that.


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DoorCountyPhil said...

Hi Merry, It's December and I found your post while searching for proof - because no one believes me, when I tell them the IRS uses a looped version of the Nutcracker Suite for their hold music!

I have to admit that it makes me smile but, it also lulls me into submission. I've gotten "lost" on hold and later discovered that 45 minutes had passed.

I also have to share that this is their music of choice throughout the year. In August, I was following up with information when I dropped off into "Holdland". In order to finish my work, I put it on speakerphone and it had the same effect on my coworkers! People started to twirl past my desk but within a short while we were all suspended in a coma-like state.

I can hardly believe Saturday Night Live hasn't done a sketch on it.

Now I'm wondering if I could get a copy on CD - to play at bedtime for my kids - or, holiday office parties.