Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rain, rain and more rain!

The good news is the place is relatively clean. I ditched cleaning for the past week due to other more important stuff. The tax information is now at the CPA, the three months of mail has been sorted, pitched, read, paid, or put away as needed.

Echo and Flint are still working out where they live. Flint won't walk home until I am halfway there. He stands in the parents' driveway waiting to see if I really AM heading home. Once I've passed the point of no return...he finally trots up to join me.

Echo is enjoying all the walking back and forth and gets a little upset if she doesn't get her walk! She also enjoys riding in the car.

Below - Flint and Echo work hard on maintaining their strenuous work schedule...

After three days of rain, Flint still refuses to walk by the pan that I had to place below the AC because its still leaking. Its in the middle of the trailer, so he's either trapped in the bedroom or under my feet in the living room. So today I climbed up on the top of the 'Stream in the rain and duct-taped a black plastic garbage bag over the stupid thing. Naturally, the minute I did this the rain stopped. It has not started again. I supposed I should be grateful.

The telephone, which was promised last week, is still not working. I expect I'll have to make a fourth phone call to Century-Tel. Sigh.

Tomorrow we're running into town to the dentist. I want to stop by Walgreens to see if they have a special toothpaste for folk with sensitivities. I hope so, otherwise I have to buy it online.

Otherwise, all is quiet up here on Echo Ridge. Except the occasional thunder and Richard's truck alarm going off every day when the wind gets gusty.

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