Sunday, April 29, 2007

Excitement, Fun and Hazardous Things!

Richard is coming home! Yippee! Of course, this means I must do the womanly thing by going into overdrive and getting this place cleaned up, haul in groceries and beef up the comfort level. Why do women do that, anyway?


So yesterday after a fun day of antiquing and flea marketing with Mom, I decided to clean the patio area. I was able to pull the awning (my nemesis) down by myself. It took me another 30 minutes to actually stabilize and get the poles in proper position. Whipped the cover off the AC, too.

Oh yeah, on the antiquing front I scored a bunch of books I wanted to read for about $1 each. David Balducci, Lee Child, Christopher Reich and Elizabeth Lowell...and this one called NAKED CAME THE PHOENIX - written by several famous women authors. I expect its title is a parody on NAKED CAME A STRANGER, that 70's book written by a bunch of newspaper columnists, including Robert Cherin. Here's the link to the story of that book:

Robert Cherin is 3rd from the left in that photo. I met him at a writer's conference years ago and he is a sweet guy!

Anyway, back to life on the homefront.

One of the things I do periodically is get a new diaper for Fred. For those of you who've not been introduced to Fred his picture is below. Since our days living in the Philippines where it was very hot all the time I have carried an insulated cup of some kind wherever I go. Initially, Fred was always filled with Pepsi. Eventually I changed to drinking gallons of iced tea. I have a habit of setting Fred down wherever I happen to be standing and when we'd go off somewhere, my plaintive cries of "where's my tea cup?" drove my BIL crazy since technically Fred is not a teacup at all! So he named the cup Fred and everyone in the family knows to ask before we leave if I have Fred. Fred mutated over the years from an insulated cup with a straw to the current Fred, who needs a diaper to be insulated. And being part of the family now I buy new clothes for him as needed. The latest is this blue "koozie" with a drawstring to tighten the fit and a clip to fasten Fred to my belt loop. Needless to say, Fred's been attached to me ever since (except for the photo). Pa rolls his eyes and sighs. Mom laughs. But I'm never thirsty! Works for me.

So onward with the cleanup phase of the 'Stream. Nothing has been done because I've been online and on the phone half the night and most the morning. Seems the credit card company got suspicious of Richard withdrawing money every 2 weeks for the past 14 months and decided to finally put a fraud block on the cards! Had to call numerous times to get that straightened out.

In my rush to test the cards to make sure he could use them again, I drove off to the local ATM to withdraw money...and smacked the car bumper right into the plant pot full of dianthus flowers! I hopped out and covered the roots with part of the broken pot, then drove off. When I got back, I replanted the flowers and spent the next 30 minutes cleaning up the mess of soil and broken pot. Sigh.

So far, nothing in the 'Stream has been cleaned...except dishes.

OH! And another thing! At Trader's Market yesterday I saw an antique sewing machine for $15. It said it was a Singer 302B - which sounded odd to me because it looked like a Featherweight, which I've been dying to have since I first started quilting. Featherweights are antique single stitch, eight pound portables that are easy to carry to quilting classes and most quilters covet one at some point in their quilting lives. Usually, they run around $450. Well, I came home to look the machine up before I bought doesn't exist under the model number given and there are no photos remotely similar to the one I saw. Turns out its an foreign model of a small machine (but not a Featherweight) Singer made in the 50s. So...I'm going back today to buy it. Despite not being a Featherweight its a tiny portable that will do just fine!

And now, I need to get off here and get on with the homecoming/cleaning/celebrating plans!

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