Monday, January 21, 2008

Flint's Day...

Today, Flint goes in to the vet to have his staple stitches removed. I expect he'll not be too happy. We've had to keep the cone on his head to keep him from chewing and I anticipate having to use it for another few days, too.

Flint is not a morning dog. He prefers sleeping until daylight. I woke him up to take a picture of him. Note the couch. That's his and Echo's sleeping spot in our bedroom. Initially, I was letting them sleep wherever they wanted, but on second thought I decided that if we had company, especially company who didn't like or was afraid of dogs, it might be better to have an assigned sleeping place with us. Flint sleeps there every night, but since his operation Echo has avoided sleeping there because he growls at her. I expect once he's healed they'll go back to the old arrangement.

Echo often will sit/sleep in a doorway or just behind me as if she's guarding me from everyone. I suppose in a dog pack that's pretty much what dogs do for the leader. Richard claims I am the undisputed Alpha dog in this household. Yay, me! LOL

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