Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mom's Birthday!

We had planned Mom's birthday party a couple times, but postponed based on people being unable to attend. Finally, we had it Sunday night. Richard grilled rib eye steaks using mesquite wood chips for flavor. I made sauted mushrooms, sauted squash, twice-baked potatoes and homemade sourdough bread. Dessert was birthday cake and ice cream, of course! Becky brought a 4 cake sample with carrot cake, red velvet cake, German chocolate cake and chocolate turtle cake. Some of us sampled it all LOL.

Mom blows out her candles - they say 29 because that's how old she says she is. Naturally I mixed up and had them as 92...I'm lucky I can run faster than Mom!

Mom reads her cards....surrounded by presents.

Mom loves the British TV show, HOW CLEAN IS YOUR HOUSE? She's wanted a pair of frou-frou gloves like Abby's for a while. I bought the gloves and put the fancy cuffs on them so she could clean house in style!

A good time was had by all.

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Lyn Cash said...

Oh, I love those gloves on her! - ROFLMAO