Friday, January 04, 2008

Puppy Dog Tales...

Flint went to the vet's early this morning for his cruciate ligament operation. All went well and he's awake, although not alert. We will pick him up tomorrow morning. The vet prefers to keep them overnight for observation.

This is a photo of Flint before the problems started.

Surprisingly, Echo is somewhat clingy today. She is so independent that we figured she'd be pretty blase about her pack mate being missing from the family for a couple days. Not so. She's been very subdued and is staying very close to one or the other of us.

While Richard stayed home and did house things, I took Echo up and down the road to burn off some energy. She had fun sniffing through the brush and has finally settled down at the foot of my bed (Flint's favorite naptime spot).

We're heading to Mom and Pa's for dinner tonight. They meant to invite us yesterday but when they came up to issue the invite, we were gone. We'd taken off on a walk in the woods back of our property and went exploring the creek for a good hour or so. It was cold but not bitter and both dogs enjoyed tramping in the woods. Flint was not supposed to go walking but he set up such a pathetic howling that we caved and let him come with us.

I am really hopeful that is operation will fix his problems permanently and walking will be easier for him. He always goes with us, but the effort he expends is hard to watch. He's a faithful little friend and I'd like to see him able to romp and play again.

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