Thursday, January 17, 2008

Slow days...

Its snowing out today. Just a dusting and some sparse flakes but the weather is cold and dreary. The snow has mostly stopped but looking out my window I see the occasional flake drifting down. Its either blowing off the roof and trees or its still snowing a bit here and there.

Last week, I called the place where the girls' senior high school photos were taken. One of the photos has faded with a greenish tinge. I didn't expect them to still have her photo on file, but it was worth a shot. They had warned that they kept photos five years. Well, she graduated long before that. I called, not expecting any miracle and got one ANYWAY! They had her photo in their archives, still! The man I spoke with found it and is sending me a FREE 8 X 10, because they guarantee non-fading! Anyway, I'm still waiting for it to arrive, but am pretty happy.

Flint is healing nicely although a little slower than the vet anticipated. He's been romping with Echo and wanting to walk with us, but we're still limiting his movement some.

Richard has resorted to walking Echo two to five times a day. With no buddy to play with she is highly energetic and needs to blow off some steam. Flint has warned her off so many times she finally got the point. Last night I put my Mo-Mo slippers on (They're fashioned to look like giant Bigfoot feet). Echo started barking at them and ran down the steps outside to chew them. I started backing up and she chased me. I came back inside and she chased my feet again, barking and chewing on the toes of the slippers while they were on my feet. I suspect we have a new game. She's careful to only fake chew, she's not tearing at them or anything.

The tile guys are here doing the master bathroom. Richard and I discussed it and decided we didn't want to do it, so we hired professionals!

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