Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Beach Babies...

We went to the beach today because the realtor was having an open house for 3 hours. Last time we went, both Echo and Flint were terrified of everything. This time, they were thrilled. We parked back by the dunes so they'd have roaming space. Echo wandered all over for about a 100 foot radius. Flint wandered with her at first, but then settled down near us and just kept an eye on things.

The realtor had 8 couples come by and 3 appear to be very interested. We shall see.

I spent the day packing boxes for the auction one of my buddies had for a Hurricane Katrina evacuee. I'm also starting a big promotional event for my book. Details will follow as I gear up for that.

In the midst of all that, my editor has contacted me and we will begin working tomorrow, I expect. She read the book over the weekend.

And Christmas is coming...Life will be busy the next few months.

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