Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day...

I labored today.

Well, since yesterday. I started by making quilted coasters for an online auction for the Katrina refugees. I made 5 sets for the auction. I'll also be donating a book.

Last week I shopped for new clothes for Richard's mother who is in an assited living facility. Today, I cut out all the tags. She used to be a size small but doesn't recall the last 30 years in which she became an XL - we found out she threw away ALL the new clothes we bought her last year because they couldn't be HERS, they weren't smalls! ACK. Bras, underwear, shirts, slacks - she tossed it all even though it had her name in it...So now, I cut out all identifying size tags and write her name in waistbands, care tags or straight on the fabric.

I also printed out and cut up bookmarks, business cards and postcards for the 4 of us who are sharing promo opportunities.

I addressed all my postcards and put them out to mail with all the other stuff.

Now, I have to work on Bryan's Batman quilt and do some more printouts of promo stuff. And make a new promo campaign since Sunny's sent the new high-resolution image of her next book (doesn't that have a nice book?).

Why am I madly working when I'm usually a little bit laidback about this stuff? Because I begin working with my new editor at ByGrace Publishing with my revisions! So I'm trying clear the board to concentrate solely on that.

Echo is very sick. She had an accident last night all over the living room, dining room and kitchen. She was so scared about doing it in the house she cried and acted ever so guilty over it. I gave her an Imodium, but she' s still not feeling well. She got another tablet this morning. This afternoon she tossed her, dog food under my computer desk. She was terrified about making a mess in the house. We cleaned it up and I've given her another Imodium tablet. If she doesn't improve tomorrow, we're going to the vet.

Back to quilting.

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