Sunday, September 04, 2005

Shopping, giving, prepping...

The black female dog is ECHO. The white male dog is FLINT.

Richard is gonna die.

We went shopping to restore the depleted cupboards because we took a bunch of stuff to the drop-off point in town to donate to the Katrina refugees.

We bought lots of things, including more canned dogfood. See, if I have to bug out, my puppies are coming with me. I need portable food, rather than their regular homemade dogfood. Richard said, "Absolutely! If we get hungry, RoastBeef and Lambchop here will feed us for weeks!"

I told him he'd be dinner before I would eat one bit of either of my dogs! So, if there's a natural disaster and you find me roasting some meat and gnawing on a leg bone by the side of the road, you'll know who it is.

He's walking around the house calling for "Emergency Rations" and "MRE" (Meals Ready To Eat).

No one is eating Echo or Flint. No one.

He's gonna die if he doesn't knock it off.

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