Thursday, September 01, 2005

September 1, 2005

I'm still watching the news, watching and listening to the plight of the people in New Orleans.

I work for a courier delivery service company in South Texas. We recieved our first call today...someone asking if we had a truck to deliver aid to Baton Rouge, LA. Our drivers drive their personal cars so I had to say no.

Evacuees are coming here, as well as San Antonio. I expect they'll be delivering hospital patients, too.

My daughter phoned, she lives in northern Texas. She said evacuees were already there, too. The refugees will most likely be pouring in eventually.

I keep thinking...Food. Shelter. Clothing. And then my mind turns to jobs. These people have no jobs to go back to. They will have to live in shelters and find work here. Rebuild their nest egg. But what about the old, the infirm, the babies?

The magnitude of the problem is boggling.

I'm participating in an online auction to aid a fellow writer who is now homeless. I expect to be participating in monetary and other ways, too.

Those poor people. A lot of prayers are being sent heavenward, I know. I've added mine.

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