Wednesday, September 14, 2005


These are our work dogs, Tiger (the chihuahua/dachschund), who is our watchdog, greeter and champion biscuit eater.

And Champ - our new little puppy. Isn't he adorable? We dont' know how old he is but speculation runs between 3-5 months or so.

The guys saw him running around our work front yard all day and decided they wanted him. He was running with a poodle. The lady from the Humane Society wanted the poodle.

Patrick and I spent an hour trying to coax him to us and I was finally able to grab him near the end of the day. He's a fiesty little puppy, he bares his teeth at Tiger and snaps if Tiger gets to aggressive.

They've settled in the garage quite well and although not friends just yet, they don't growl or bark at each other, either.

i'll post more later...

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