Sunday, September 11, 2005


Well, we ended up not making any clothes.  Seems WalMart was having a sale so off we went.  We shopped all the clearance racks to get maximum bang for our bucks.  My thought is that this clothing is temporary and will tide them over until they can get their own styles.

We found some really cute little backpack bags (in fact, I’m going back to buy some for Christmas presents for some little nieces and nephews).  We stuffed them full with toys, 2 sets of clothing and underwear.  I left the tags on and the receipt in the oldest girl’s bag so they can exchange anything they a) don’t like or b) doesn’t fit.   It is hoped that this will tide them over until they can get what they like.  

The house was viewed yesterday and will be viewed again today.  On Friday, it was viewed THREE times.  

We had a good birthday for Richard.  I bought him a new wedding ring (which turned out to be TOO big!) and Jenny flew down to be with us for the weekend.  She got him a bunch of DVDs he doesn’t have in his collection.  We had birthday cake and cards and are enjoying our time together.  

Anyway, back to cleaning!

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