Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice, ice and more ice...

The ice didn't stick around for long, thank heavens! It was a messy cleanup for Richard. He had to cut the limbs that fell into pieces before he could get it off the screen house. Sadly, the screenhouse will need a new canvas roof.

Here's a picture of the grass standing up tall and iced over. Amazing. It makes this crunchy sound when its walked on.

Flint's little feet don't have hair between the paws like Echo's do. Also, with his cruciate ligament torn he has difficulty keeping his balance. So I put baby socks on his feet and secured them with my hair bands. He had better traction than Echo and I did. We slipped and slid down the hill and he trotted to Mom's without a problem. I have to be careful to take them off right away, like wet mittens, they will freeze to his feet if the temperature drops.

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