Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stormy Weather...

We woke up early to the threat of thunder, lightening and rain. Richard went out to burn the boxes I'd unpacked yesterday. I meandered out to watch him work. He was concerned when the wind picked up and started blowing bits of fire around so he got a bucket of water and put the fire out.

I watched the wind move across the property from one side to the other. The oak trees started waving gently and the leaves fluttered and dropped in the wind. Richard called me over to look at the clouds above the house. They were piling up on one another so fast! I rushed in to get the camera.

I think its a great shot!

Almost as soon as I snapped the picture the rain started in earnest and we ran into the house to watch it through the windows.

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Rose Rodriguez said...

Mary, you're right that is a beautiful sight! Hope Flint is doing good. Give Richard my best and tell him we still miss him in Kingsville. Happy Holidays!