Friday, December 07, 2007

A lovely Nativity...

Richard spent the day putting in the closet rods. He also built a shelf over the rods for us to tuck away things we don't use too often.

I unpacked boxes. I found the Christmas china and plenty of other kitchen things to put away. Most of it went into the china hutch since I don't technically have a kitchen yet. Richard repaired the door that was broken on the hutch, too.

I also rearranged my sewing room to what I believe will be the best configuration for quilting and writing. And daydreaming by looking out the window. My computer desk is right in front of one now. I stored more fabric in one of the baskets but will have to move it later. I still need to find the other baskets.

We also dragged in the Christmas boxes and put the tree up. I fiddled with the lights until I had 3 working strands. We are slowly putting ornaments on. Richard and I have a lot of nostalgic decorations from our various travels. For the last ten years or so the girls have decorated the tree. It is strange for us to once again be doing it all by ourselves. I also put the garland and poinsettia lights on the entertainment center which will serve as my "mantel" this year. Everything looks lovely.

This is a Nativity that my daughter Jenny bought for me. It is made entirely of mother-of-pearl. This Nativity is slightly larger than the palm of my hand.

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