Friday, July 22, 2011

Dogs, dogs, and dogs...

Since no wild animals graced us with their presence, and the flowers are all dead in the heat, I thought I'd take photos of the reason we walk to the bridge every day - the three dogs who not only need exercise daily, but sulk when they don't get their walk!

Why everyone believes Echo is part wolf - despite her stunning wild look, she's actually one of the gentlest dogs we've had. 

The 'old man' - Flint.  Note how his front elbows splay out.  He's arthritic, has hip dysplasia and had both cruciate ligaments in his hind legs replaced.  Despite the pain, he howls when left behind, which is why I bought the jogging stroller.  He walks when he wants, and signals when he decides to ride.  I've been giving him CM8, an amino-acid arthritis natural remedy, and it has greatly improved his quality of life. Since he's been taking it, he's walking a lot more and even runs when the spirit moves him, something he was incapable of for the last 6 months or so.   

Buddy - the puppy.  Yes, puppy.  He is closing in on being 2 years old.  Before, he ran free and was a lean, long distance runner.  However, he was constantly hungry and was underweight.  We took him in and now he's around 100 pounds, gets regular meals, and enjoys the air conditioned life inside.  He loves men, trucks, and rides. Everyone who sees him says he is a gorgeous dog, and he truly is, very well porportioned and great personality.  

Buddy and Echo together. Buddy has to be on a leash, because he loves running and will take off without thought.  At one point, he ran off and was found 3 miles away.  People shoot strange dogs out here, so we keep him leashed.  He has a red collar and leash, but in the photo he is wearing Echo's pink, sparkly princess leash - it just happened to be convenient for us humans.

All three dogs, heading home.  Flint decided to walk a ways, rather than ride in the stroller. 

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