Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Night Sky, Budding Fruit, Morning Walk, Animal Friends...

Richard and I try to spend a while each evening on the back deck, where we have a great view of the Southern and Eastern sky.    

A fingernail moon glows through the trees.

After two years of careful handling, the Valencia orange tree has fruited (see the pencil eraser-sized fruit right in the middle?). Whether the 6 fruits (so far) will mature is another question - they usually get blown off by wind, or eaten by something. 

Someone tossed catfish guts on the embankment at the creek down by the bridge.  This raccoon has been there since yesterday scavenging.  Today we got a photo of him.

Buddy and Christian enjoy a quiet moment together.  Actually, it wasn't that quiet, Buddy tried to pick Christian up by the neck and the cat protested.  When I reprimanded him, they settled down again.

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