Monday, July 25, 2011

Open Sky, Raccoons, Dragonfly & Christian...& Oranges...

Yesterday, the mowers came and hay-baled the open fields.  The fields on the left are Corps land, the right belongs to a farmer down the way.

Echo looks down the long road, contemplating life.

There are 5 coons in this photo - but you cannot see 3 of them.  Momma is in the water in the upper left.  The babies are lined at the edge of the water, mid-photo.  Two babies are visible, the little hump almost middle of the pic, and the other sibling, just to the right.

This dragonfly's name is Widow Skimmer (Libellula luctuosa).  It is the male of the species. 

And now, for Christian the Cat pictures....I was doing computer work, and saw a flash out of the corner of my eye.  It was Christian, climbing the tree outside my office window. I thought he was just playing around, he and Dinah often run outside, go up a tree and hop back down, just for fun.  And then I looked up, to see what he was looking at. A pair of pileated woodpeckers were hopping between the trees...40 feet up!  Christian jumped off the tree, and then climbed the skinny stump next to it.  I went outside to get a better photo of the birds, and they flew off, upsetting the 2 pairs of blue jays that live in the trees along our back fence.  Everyone was flying around, and Christian still sat on the stump next to the tree he climbed, waiting for a bird...or two. 

Christian in the tree.  Windowscreen is making the picture cloudy.

Now, he's on the stump, thinking he can leap 40 feet and get that bird. 

Once the woodpeckers flew away, he turned and zeroed in on something else.  I went outside to see what it was - the two sets of bluy jays were squawking and took off.  Christian gave up, came up on the deck to twirl around my ankles, and then stretched out for a nap. 

And while I was out there, I took a photo of my orange tree - 2 years old and finally producing oranges.  It had about 10 oranges on it, but wind and rain knocked some off.  I now have 3 healthy oranges about the size of marbles.  We'll see if they make it to maturity.  I need a greenhouse.

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