Saturday, July 23, 2011

Walk, Cat, and Cake...

Occasionally, someone else pushes Flint in his stroller on our walk.  Today, it was Mom.  Her backpack contains bottled water, a snack, the camera and the brown bag is the binoculars (because you never know what we'll see on our walks).

The basket under the stroller contains a water container with a lid for the dogs.  They know its there and when we get to the bridge, they wait for me to open it so they can drink.  Echo and Flint try to drink before Buddy, because Buddy slops water everywhere. 

Dinah and Christian came inside today for a while.  The heat is really getting to them.  Christian only stayed for an hour.  Dinah remained inside longer and took up residence in her favorite spot, the back of my office chair.  She twirls around a few times, and then settles, laying down to keep an eye on everything from her perch.   

I am attending a baby shower tomorrow for a neighbor and fellow church-member.  So I made a diaper cake for the baby.  The 'layers' are rolled up diapers (secured with rubberbands), then I decorated with baby things, in this case, I stuffed in lotion, baby wash, petroleum jelly, medicine spoons, baby pain reliever syrup, and pacifiers.  The "frosting is two folded onsies, and pink & white ribbon folded into a flat bow.  I topped it with little pink baby shoes. The baby's name is Grace Kimberly. The whole thing fits on a 12 inch pizza pan. :)

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SM said...

Love your's really cute..

Hope all is well. I am planning to be in KC at some point in Sept. Maybe I can drive down and visit?