Sunday, July 17, 2011

Walking, Napping, Animals...

This morning's walk was pretty, the sun rose through the trees in a flaming ball of fire. 

Sun in the trees.

A fog was in the little valley as we walked to the bridge.

The little raccoon was busy digging for crawdads and probably catching the little minnows, too. 

Later, we went to church, had a bite to eat, and came home in the late afternoon to take our usual Sunday nap.  I crawled into bed, and next thing I know, Buddy was up at the foot on Richard's side.  When Richard came in, Echo was looking longingly at the bed, so he helped her up.  We ended up squashed on my side to nap...until the phone rang.  We both got up, and when we thought to come back to finish our nap...
this is what we found... 

Echo and Christian curled up in the middle of our bed.
I've heard people say our animals are spoiled...ya think?

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