Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Home On The Range and Bridge Walk...And Dogs...

I looked out the window a few days ago and discovered a visitor in our back yard. I see her and another doe with a fawn frequently, but normally, they're further into our woods, about 40 feet back, where I am unable to get a clear photo.  I took this through the window - the screen is causing that cloudy effect.   

Doe, a deer...a female deer...

Whenever I put shoes on to go outside, the dogs suddenly alert.  Yes, Buddy is alert, he got up to lay down close to the door so we wouldn't forget him.  Flint is still favoring the operated on leg, he sits like that to protect it.  Echo was hearing Emmy or Christian at the front door, and was paying attention to the sounds outside. 

When we walked down to the bridge today, this bald eagle was sitting on the dead snag on one side of the creek. 

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