Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sky, Earth, water...

As usual, the sunrise was glorious.  I had to lighten this photo a little to get the hayfields to show up.

Sunrise over the horizon. 

This photo was actually from yesterday, coming home.  This little bunny let us get within 10 feet before bounding away.  The hayfields are mowed so the rabbits are coming out everywhere. 

I looked over the bridge rail and saw this...note the open mouth - this is the way water moccasins like to sit, waiting for prey. This guy was HUGE. 
Probably around 5 feet or so.

He moved on, and tucked under this set of rocks.  Did I mention I hate snakes? 

And while watching the snake by the bridge, we looked out across the creek and there were the baby raccoons again.

This photo was from yesterday.  A car went by, and we looked back, and the dust was playing in the sun's rays.  As a child, I had a little white Bible with several small paintings in it, depicting God talking to Adam and Eve, Moses and Jesus.  All the pictures showed the rays of sunlight like this, as 'God talking.'  So, when I was little, whenever I saw these rays, I thought God was talking to someone. My family thought that was cute,  so now when we see these rays, we all say,
"Oh, look!  God's talking to someone!" 
When I went to look up the phenomenon this is what I found..

"These rays are known as crepuscular rays - or God rays..."

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