Sunday, July 03, 2011

Heaven and Obligatory Dog/Cat photos...

We've been walking the dogs every morning, first thing - which means now they expect it and are waking us up at the crack of dawn to go.  Richard gets up early, but they know they don't go until I am up.  I pretend to be asleep, but Buddy is determined.  He jumps on the bed and lays quietly, but gently huffs in my face hoping that will wake me.  When that doesn't work, he takes my hand and holds it between his -paws, and gently licks it until I get outta bed! 

This was a couple days ago - soft rays coming through the clouds.

We walked out and the sun was coming through the trees, capped by the cloud display above. 

Obligatory Christian sleeping pose.  Note there is no cat head.  Its under the lace.  Note also that his hind feet, as usual, are in the air. 

Buddy goes to bed with Richard and stays in the bedroom until Richard goes to sleep.  Then he quietly comes into my office, and curls up to be with me until bedtime. When I head to bed, he follows me back to our room, curling up on the floor on Richard's side to sleep. 

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