Saturday, August 27, 2005

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Originally posted August 22, 2005

Birthdays...Today is my birthday, although we celebrated early this weekend because Jenny flew down to share it! Jenny got me a stunning knit-silk blouse and my favorite See's candy - lime truffles drenched in white chocolate. Richard bought me a lovely jacket, new shoes I've been wanting and an hour long massage at the local day spa. They bought a Tres de Leche cake - was heavenly!I had a good day. Boss let me come home early and I muddled about for a while then took a nice long nap. He called before coming into work and sang Happy Birthday over the phone, with his wife. Talked to Bun-Chu in Instant Message tonight, too - she sent me some adorable felt pelicans for the Noah's Ark she's making me. I get new animals every brithday and Christmas. Leslie and Mom called. Shelly and David called to sing Happy Brithday! All in all, a good day. I've been critting my fellow writers like mad lately. Lots of fun there to read the new stories and enjoy their hard work. Anyway, off to beddy-bye!

And the picture above is why I do love my job at times! Boss came to work with that and we spent the next hour outside driving it around! I've never driven one before and had a ball! fun, fun, fun!

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