Saturday, August 27, 2005

August 27, 2005

Birthdays and the weekend...

Today is my sister Michele's 45th birthday. I called and wished her a happy birthday. That's Mom on the left and Michele on the right.

Our realtor came by today to renew the contract. I spent the morning cleaning house and Richard mowed and weedwhacked. We finished just in time for another realtor to come over and show it!

We left to go pick up dry-cleaning and gave the dogs a ride, too. Came back and I decided they needed a bath. I hosed them off outside. Had to tie them to the gate because they didnt' like it one bit. However, we now have to fluffy, pretty dogs.

I finished transferring my entire blog over from one blog software to this one. Although it says its transferred in the administration area, its not hit in the viewing area yet.


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