Saturday, August 27, 2005

May 29, 2005

Cleaning and cleaning...
Richard was painting the baseboards and crown molding in the living room. I followed along, cleaning up after him (and the dogs). I gave the dogs a bath today. While Flint was in the tub, Echo came in to sympathize, but as soon as her turn came, she ran off. I gave them a scrub with a little bit of liquid dish soap (DAWN) to keep the fleas away. Pretty much cleaned the whole house again today so it would continue to look nice for when the potential buyers come to visit. We had several more visits from buyers and realtors. Soumya and her mom are coming over later today. Soumya's a vegan, so I made a veggie tray and then crisped some tortillas and will serve with salsa. Richard is making his famous veggie marinara with penne pasta. They probably won't stay for dinner, but just in case. No word back from the publisher, yet. Its early days and they usually take anywhere from a 2-4 months to respond. I should be getting next month's True Confession magazine in the mail anytime now. We get it early when we have a sold story in it. My story's in the July issue. Anyway, off to quilt and write.

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