Wednesday, August 24, 2005

October 22, 2004


Today a story!
I received a package in the mail from Dorchester Media. Inside was TRUE CONFESSIONS magazine. Not only did they not change a word of the story (except the names), but mine is the LEAD story! And the title is on the front cover. Oh, Wow. I sold a story to TRUE ROMANCE in June, too. I'm still waiting to hear from the bird magazine I sent a small article to last month. I have several more stories I need to polish up and send along. One of the good things about writing these stories is learning to write tight. You only get so much space for what you have to say.I am still working on the costume for Jenny. It only needs sleeves now. The big mistake I made with the lining was due to tiredness. I fixed it by sewing it on by hand at the bottom and alongside the zipper. Sometimes, a machine simply doesn't do the job well enough. I tried it on and showed it to Richard, he thinks we should go as pirates to the Halloween party at Venke and Sabine's. We shall see. Jenny is very pleased with the costume. The black skirt and the bodice fit beautifully. She's added a belt, scabbard (minus the knife), jewelry and a do-rag. The puppies went for a ride with me down the mailbox again. I rolled the windows down so they could get fresh air as the car was very hot. Both loved it. I need to stop. I am procrastinating on sewing in the sleeves. Sleeves are easy but I truly HATE sewing clothes. Even costumes. I do it well, but I hate it.


And another thing...
I don't wax philosophical often. I also don't do much deep thinking, although I've been known to plumb the depths from time to time. But every once in a while, something comes along that you simply need to not really think on, but feel. The past few mornings as I drive out of the development, I am facing east as I go down the road. We live about 5 miles as the crow flies from Oso Bay. There's almost always a bank of clouds coming off the Gulf. The sun rises behind the clouds, shooting golden rays from behind and gilding the rim of the clouds with a glowing nimbus. When I was a child, I was given my first Bible. It had six famous paintings in it. Each painting depicted a moment when God actually spoke to His people. Adam and Eve, Moses, Elijah, Mary and Joseph and I can't remember the other two. Anyway, this depiction of God speaking was rendered as the clouds shooting out golden rays from behind and gilding the rims with a glowing nimbus (G). In childish wisdom I assumed for many years that whenever I saw this sight, which was and is quite often in big sky country, that God was talking to someone. There've been some things lately. The puppy we adopted at work has disappeared. We've looked and looked but we can't find him. Yesterday, a high school buddy emailed me an obituary of two of our high school acquaintances and 3 of their children (house fire). Now, I didn't know these people that well and I've not seen them in 30 years. I'm not so much worried about my mortality or anything. I think what has me thinking deep thoughts is the incredible waste. They were talented, gifted people who added a great deal to their community. We each serve a purpose on this earth and I know God's plan is bigger than I can imagine. Still it weighed heavily. Seeing the sunlight behind the clouds and knowing God was talking to someone, I felt peace descend. Despite our all-too-human need to control things, to need to know, to rail at the fate of those we know...the sunlight reminded me that "God is in his heaven all's right with the world." For whatever reason we lost these people, there is a purpose we may not understand just now. They touched many lives and the obituary and the daily newspaper indicated that this family was well-liked and sought out. It doesn't lessen the pain, for "each man's death diminishes me," but I am strengthened in faith knowing that for whatever reason God called them home, they are at peace with it.I think I will watch for the sunlight through the clouds for a while, though.

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