Saturday, August 27, 2005

December 12, 2004

And another Christmas prep day...
I woke up this morning and dived right in - first thing to do was to give the dogs a bath! They've needed one for ages but I kept putting it off. Echo is now silky smooth and pretty. Flint's fur actually sparkles. Both played rough for a while since they were cool. They were tearing around the living room mock-growling and snarling at each other as they ran and jumped. Eventually, they settled down to nap on my bed. Still wet. Sigh. After that, I began making the rest of the flavored coffees and chocolates I had planned to make. Jenny wanted coffee for Marisa so I made her all flavored coffees. I taste-tested the strawberry chocolate drink mix - VERY good! Several other combinations went to other people. I made pralines again, this time only microwaving them for 8 minutes and adding a bit more butter. MUCH smoother and nicely set. I sent the recipe to Gerrie as she wants to add it to her Christmas tradition this year. I made fagioli for dinner again - except no pasta - I got tired and had to take a nap and when I woke Richard and Jenny had already eaten the simmering fagioli for dinner! Jenny also taste-tested the pralines and pronounced them good! This evening I am trying to get a start on the bags for the Domestic Abuse Shelter. I have all the stuff I bought throughout the year to put in the bags. Personal items, mostly, as that is what the director asked for. I keep getting interrupted by people, Instant Messages, phone and the dogs, who've finalyl fogiven me for the bath.Off I go to sew.

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