Saturday, August 27, 2005

August 8, 2005

I have a cell phone. The boss has wanted me to have one for a while. I've resisted strongly as I do NOT want to be called during dinner, driving, at the theater, etc. I have been in emergency situations many times in my life, including being stranded on the side of the road, bleeding kids and so on. Each time, I've received help or the promise of help within five minutes or less. There is NO emergency that requires me to have a cell phone. Boss says he will only use it if I have to do a route (another SHUDDER) to walk me through it. We shall see how this goes. He is paying for it, so I'll keep it for now. I will not be giving the # out, I see no reason to do so since its for work only. I've never liked phones anyway. When the Internet opened up and email and Instant Messaging became available, I LOVED it. I love it because I could control when or if I need to answer. I can answer at midnight or answer right away. I don't have to worry about it being a sales pitch or a politician looking for votes or interrupting my dinner or other activities. It is not intrusive or distracting. I like that. With phones, no matter how many do-not-call lists you sign up for, or how many phone numbers you block, the mere intrusion of sound into my quiet times is annoying and distracting. When I am home, I control my time, my activities and what I wish to do with them. If I don't want to hear ringing phones or television, I turn them off. But with phones, the problem doesn't go away. Even though I do NOT have call-waiting on my phone, it lists the calls I missed, whether it was turned off or not. I then have to cycle through, looking to see if they are important. 99% of the time, they are not. And I wasted valuable minutes looking! Minutes may not mean much to some people. But I like LIVING my life...not wasting it to check through information that was neither necessary or wanted. Every minute I spend doing what to me are unnecessary things is a minute I'll never get back. Maybe that's petty. I don't care. The point is - I should be the one to choose how to spend my time. Maybe the things I choose seem stupid or ridiculous to others, but the point is, its MY CHOICE. And one of my choices is that cell-phones are not necessary in MY life. Sigh. In other news, the potential buyers will be having inspections done tomorrow. I boxed up some fabric for a friend who will be rootling through it for some goodies and passing anything she doesn't want on to her church group. I included a variety of fabrics, thread and a bunch of the cut squares for quickie quilts. I hope she likes it. I hope her church quilting group likes it. I will have to try to carve time to start finishing up some projects. We will be closing on September 6, 2005 if this buyer decides to buy the house. We will be moving to an apartment, which means less space and my workroom will have to go...or be at least be much smaller. To do that, I need to get some things made. One of my Bat buddies sent out a plea for her son who is currently in a medical facility. He thinks no one loves him because he hasn't gotten any mail. I made four postcards on the computer tonight and will send them tomorrow. I hope he loves them. I put pictures of Echo and Flint on one. He has met my dogs when he came down to get his dog, Dolan - the schipperke from a few months back. I also did one with a photo of a snake that Pa took in Missouri, a dinosaur from a website online and a scorpion. He loves creepy crawly things and snakes. EWWW. I'll probably have nightmares. Anyway, off to do a little writing.

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