Saturday, August 27, 2005

April 10, 2005

Now that the girls have emptied the house...
Yes, now that Jenny's moved out, we discovered the house really is empty. Nothing in Jenny's bedroom. Leslie's bedroom just became a dump-the-junk room in addition to a small corner being Richard's office. So, it's time for a change. I made my 13 X 13 office into the music room. Jenny's tiny little 1/4 violin, Leslie's 1/2 violin, and the full size violin are on stands. Leslie's 3/4 violin is broken. I need to get it repaired. I also put my bowed psaltry and guitar on stands. Then we moved the piano in there. Pa made me a toy rickshaw and a lap desk and I have them in there, too. Above the piano I hung my first quilt and my friend ElizaBeth's cross-stitch picture that says "Music is a fair and glorious gift from God." I also left the tiny color-wheel quilt on the wall. The closet will become the pantry, once I remove the sewing stuff. The room looks spacious and pretty. I moved my sewing room and office into Jenny's old room (14 X 15 feet). I moved the Singer 99 treadle out of the living room and in here because there is more room and it looks really nice. Right now, I am doing clean-up in the new sewing room/office. Once I am done in my new room, I'll start working on Richard's office. I will remove Leslie's behemoth desk and put Jenny's little portable computer desk in there. The roll-top is already on there. The room will look really nice once we get rid of the junk and the boxes.It still amazes me how little we have, compared to how jam-packed this house was. Jenny and Leslie really did have a lot of furniture and other stuff. Both had lived on their own in apartments before, so when they stopped, they simply gave it all to us to store until they needed it again. Even my kitchen and bathroom cupboards are roomier. Both girls took all their cookware and kitchen things that had been integrated with mine. I actually have empty cupboards because we just don't have that much stuff!My break for dinner is over, time to get back to work on this room.

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