Wednesday, August 24, 2005

November 11, 2004


My day off...
I updated the other night and lost it all when the computer crashed. Today is Veteran's Day and I have it off. I decided to use my time wisely and get started on more Christmas stuff. I finished Mom's tablerunner, napkins and placemats and mailed them off yesterday. Since I have today off, my goal is to get three quilts finished. This is easier than it sounds as the quilt tops are already finished. I just need to back and batt the tops, then quilt them and they will be done. I started with the quilt for Brandon, my nephew. I had enough batting and the back already cut. I decided to "birth" the quilt - which means basically sew it together like a bag and then turn it right-side out, sew the opening closed and quilt it that way. This cuts 4 hours off pinning (basting) and binding it. I'm now quilting it (taking a break online when I hunch over my machine too long). I ran out and did some errands, too. I got more fabric for Michele's quilt, more batting so I can try to finish more quilts and some fleece to use as backing for the denim/khaki quilts. I don't put batting inside the denim quilts. I also bought Richard some new slacks since we cleaned out his closet and I took most of his old khakis away for the denim quilts. I'm listening to Christmas music to keep me in the spirit of the season (grin). Back to the sewing machine!

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