Saturday, August 27, 2005

June 29, 2005

Inspections are done...
One inspector found a gas leak in the main line from the meter to the house. I called the plumber, praying it wouldn't be the same as last time ($400+). It was only a loose coupling! It was $65 for the guy to come out, tap the coupling to be able to turn it, tighten it and leave...he was here 2 minutes. He gave us a receipt showing he tested and the leak is gone. The inspector's not allowed to tell us his results until he's told the realtor for the buyers. But the gas leak is a safety issue, so I suppose he felt he better inform us of that. The AC inspector said there were a few minor issues with the idea what that means. He's not allowed to tell us until he tells the realtor for the buyers. Pool inspector said the heater igniter wasn't working again - he asked Richard if it was working. I had it repaired 2 years ago, but we've barely turned it on since. You simply don't really need a heater in a pool in South Texas unless you want to swim in the winter. What little winter there is...Termite inspector said nothing, I suppsoe we wait and see. Supposedly, a foundation inspector is coming, too. A strange thing happened. I made a binder with all the pluses of the house. I set it ont he kitchen table so future buyers could see it. I included OUR inspection report from 3 years ago. I also included a punch list of all the stuff we repaired that was on that reoprt, with dates and receipts from various companies. When OUR realtor was talking with us, I opened the book to show him the punch list...and it was GONE! I guess they took it to give their inspector so he could check our work...Anyway, must go to work!

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