Saturday, August 27, 2005

July 9, 2005

Book cover - oh my!
If you click here: click on BOOKS, you'll see my new book cover. If you click on the cover, you will see the synopsis of the book. My techie friend Aaron spent last night re-teaching me some of the web design stuff. That's the best I can do for the moment. I wanted to put in a textured background but haven't figured it out yet. Tomorrow the realtor is having an open house from 2 pm to 5 pm. We are taking the dogs to the beach for the duration. Not sure how that will go. We aren't beach people and the dogs aren't beach dogs. The two times we took them they were afraid of the water and the wind. So we shall see. I'll make a batch of cookies and brownies for the realtor to hand out. And some for us to take to the beach - I will make a picnic, too. Anyway, off to get some things done around here and to clean!

I'm done cleaning...
Some realtor called to view the house TODAY!I had to rush around cleaning like a mad woman. In the closet, I found Leslie's little Bissell Featherweight electric broom. I decided to try it. WOW. That thing does a tiled floor in no time! I even ran it over the walked-on spots of carpet and it fluffed them right up! A quick wipe down of the bathroom and I'm done, even for tomorrow! I made a macaroni salad and a potato salad. Richard is snarfing down the macaroni salad. Potato salad is for tomorrow's picnic, but I've had to "test it for poison" as Pa says when he wants a bite...or two...or a whole bowl!I still need to make cookies but they'll have to wait until this evening - the viewers are coming in about 45 minutes. And on that note, I'm off here. Have to get dressed.

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