Saturday, August 27, 2005

March 16, 2005

And so it goes..
.I mailed my entry into the writing contest off. I emailed a query to the magazine editor and she emailed me back and asked if I was psychic - she was LOOKING for the specific-type story I wrote! I sent it both snail and email, just to be sure she had a chance to look at it! I'm hoping for a sale! I've not heard anything back on the sci-fi, but its early days yet. Not much happening on the homefront except Richard and I discussing fireplaces for the house we hope to build. We both have definite ideas...LOL. Jenny is now at my sister Margaret's home. She and Margaret are having lots of fun, even though Margaret works part of the day. Katie, Margaret's daughter, is in Colorado with her father and his girlfriend. She will be coming back home next week and will get a few days with Jenny and then Jenny has to come back here to pack out. One of my critique partners has arranged a chat Monday night with some published authors! We get to ask questions and learn new writing stuff, plus rub shoulders with best-selling writers. We are looking forward to it! The weather turned traitor and grew very cold again these past few days. I hope this cold front blows over soon, although the rain is doing the freshly planted flowers and shrubs well - they're really growing. In other news, I saw our former neighbor today - he says he got an offer on his house and he counter-offered, so I'm hoping the sale goes through! Whatever his house sells for, ours will be at least a few more thousands than that as we have another bedroom. I think Richard and I will be more likely to visualize our options once the house sells. Anyway, I have to work tomorrow, so off to bed.

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