Wednesday, August 24, 2005

December 5, 2004

And still more busy work...

Trying to juggle Christmas, maintenance of the house and family needs (this includes the dogs, of course) is tough! Dang. Yesterday we went to Jenny's Dean's List Honors Ceremony. Jenny is graduating Summa Cum Laude and received her silver cords to go with the gold cords, the blue cords, the sash and the medals! We're very proud of her. The ceremony was nice and the reception afterwards was nice, too. Two professors came up to congratulate her on her achievements. Both knew her via class or as an officer in the many clubs she's involved in. Richard and I did a little shopping after we dropped her off and as we waited for the ceremony to begin. I managed to get part of the "movie night" presents I'm giving to several of my family members. I've decided to buy popcorn, flavored hot chocolate drinks, some candies and a movie to put in a basket as a gift for the adults.Last night we took the puppies for a ride to the mailbox and then went around our neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. Naturally, we had to comment on flair, originality, tackiness, and what-were-they-thinking??? FYI, we BOTH hated the blow-up decorations. They simply waver in the breeze and look creepy. And naturally, we've never decorated outside so have no real idea what it entails except it looks like a lot of work! Today I've been organizing the photos on my hard-drive, deleting and eliminating doubles. I've also cleared my files and have tried to do a little de-cluttering on the computer! Its as messy as my sewing room really!Richard is doing the touch up details on our bathroom. He is sanding, scraping, painting and caulking the last of it. He's already repaired Jenny's bathroom wall and repainted the touch up areas. It looks great. Anyway, I must be off - more shopping and gift-wrapping to do!

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