Wednesday, August 24, 2005

November 27, 2004


Ever busy...
I've been busy this past week working on making my website actually function. I can't say its done as I understand from my tech buddies that a website is never DONE. However, most of what I want to appear on my site is there. I will post a URL when my domain name becomes available. Right now its a temporary URL. Jenny and I went shopping last night and she managed to get MOST of her Christmas shopping done. I bought a few things at World Market - the raspberry chipotle and chips and some other stuff. I've been working full-time most days because MEB is down in the Valley part of the week. The puppies are being neglected due to this - only a few rides and runs around the yard. We had a quiet Thanksgiving with Jenny. Amanda didn't come after all, she failed an inspection and had to serve duty over the holiday. I baked pies and we had a small turkey so our leftovers are nearly depleted already! I made candied sweet potatoes from scratch, never did that before and found it remarkably easy! I'll be making those again. Richard has finished painting my office. It looks fabulous. We bought a paint called "Morning Haze" which is a pale, diaphanous fairy-wing light periwinkle. He painted the ceiling, closet and baseboards, too. I packed many of my "treasures" away to give the room a more spacious look for the sale. I also packed some boxes of book and even downsized a bit by giving Jenny a generous boxful for her Honor Society Book sale. Richard contributed a few, too. More downsizing is in order as we start clearing the house of things we no longer want or need. Its a tough process at first but eventually, you start seeing progress as spaces clear. Of course, part of the process is de-cluttering - throwing away old broken things and getting rid of mounds of paper and magazines!Anyway, I must get back to work on it...sigh.

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